Jason Lee aka DJ Whitecoat has been deejaying for around 20 years in London.  He is no stranger to high profile events with a string of top nightclubs and venues under his belt.  He produces music and presents radio shows and recently has become an official DJ for Mobo Nominated / UMA Award winning Artist Big Narstie.

In 2010 Whitecoat came up on east london radio station Deja Vu FM, whilst there he developed his skills in the heart of London’s underground dance music scene and his tracks featuring Jae Elle also received air play with Kiss 100, 1Xtra, Rinse FM, and featured heavily in mixes from some of the most cutting edge DJ’s in the industry.

Whitecoat then developed a show, #TheBassandGrimeShow,  it was adapted by Rampage Sound for Bang Radio where he continued to push Grime and produced over 100 Hours of Grime radio, the podcast became highly popular with consistent support from the artists and producers involved, The Grime Report, Grime Japan, Wet My Beak TV, Grime Forum and many more.

This led to Whitecoat affiliating himself with some of the biggest names in grime including Slew Dem, GFam, NAA, Invasion  and eventually becoming one of Big Narsties Official #BDL Tour DJ’s.

The last few years have seen Whitecoat work with an array of artists including Roll-Deep’s Killa P and he has been spotted in a few Big Narstie videos with DJ partner Trickadee. Together they have also been touring with Dice Recordings for the last year around the UK, working with artists/DJ’s such as DJ Cameo, Big Mikee, DJ Spooky, Bloodline, Chronic, P.Money, Flirta D, Mc Kie and many more. He also affiliated himself to Watford’s Vibe FM as a presenter, where his topical chat shows and Saturday night mixes solidified his skills in the broadcasting industry.

The Whitecoat identity has developed into an underground personality and is regularly seen presenting and interviewing. His roots began originally with Hip Hop and RNB but as time passed he grew into specialised types of house particularly UK Funky and then progressed into the bass and grime scene. Whitecoat is known for supporting homegrown UK music and he runs and manages an underground dance label called Sun Tribe Terrace on which he release’s his own material and the best of what he plays.

Stand Out Records…

DJ Whitecoat Feat Jae Elle – How Does It Feel

Charted for 18 consecutive weeks on Ministry of Sound Radio Charts.
First release had 18 remixes.
Was first aired on Kiss 100 by DJ Pioneer and Rinse FM by Marcus Nasty.

DJ Whitecoat Feat Jae Elle – Riddim

Official Video Posted on Official Kiss FM Site.
Charted for 14 consecutive weeks on Ministry of Sound Radio Charts.
Aired on all major radio stations.
Was used on multiple websites including S.B.T.V.

Stand Out Venues…

Funky Budha (London), Embassy (Mayfair London), Dolce/10Rooms (Piccadilly London), Babble (Mayfair London), Café De Paris (Leicester Square), Denim Bar (Convent Garden), Umbaba/Club Extreme (Carnaby Street London), Courts Wine Bar (Chancery Lane London), Yatch Salsa Club (Temple Pier Thames London), Lock Lounge (Camden London), The End (Tottenham Court Road London), East Village (Hoxton East London), Queen of Hoxton (Hoxton East London), Plan B (Brixton), The Macbeth (East London), Brooklyn’s/Orleans (Finsbury Park), Zebranos (Carnaby Street/Soho), Destiny’s/Oceana (Watford), Cameo/Area Night Club (Watford), Revolution Vodka Bar (Watford), Bar Risa (Watford), Kandi Klub (Watford), Boutique (Brighton), The CockPit (Leeds), Club Street Life (Leicester), Club Flava (Stevenage), Elysium Night Club (Northampton), Batchwood Hall (St Albans), The Reindeer (Northwood).

The Morning Shout Out O.S.T (Free Download)

Music Heard in and Inspired By Jason Lee’s Morning Shout Out.

Here is a mix of muisc that you may have heard in the background of #TheMorningShoutOut, mixed and compiled by Jason Lee aka DJ Whitecoat, Good Vibes and Morning Grooves Only, listen to this to start you day off with a Bang!

1. Heat Wave – Boogie Nights
2. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
3. Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music
4. KC and the Sunshine Band – Thats The Way
5. Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running
6. Prince – Kiss
7. Wham – Everything She Wants
8. Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom
9. Kool and the Gang – Jungle Boogie
10. Average White Band – Pick up the Pieces
11. Frankie Valli – Grease
12. Stevie Wonder – Superstition
13. Joyce Simms – Come into My Life
14. Brown Stone – If You Love Me
15. Michael Jackson – Librean Girl
16. Doobie Brothers – What a fool Believes
17. Phil Colins and Phillip Bailey – Easy Lover
18. Fat Back Band – Ive Found Love
19. Four Tops – Going Loco down in Alcapoco
20. KC and the Sunshine Band – Give it Up
21. Alexander O’Neil – Criticize
22. Fleetwood Mac – Tell Me Lies
23. Taylor Dane – Tell it to my Heart
24. Gap Band – Dropped a Bomb on Me

Download Link… www.mediafire.com/listen/kvnmtnrss…DJ_Whitecoat.mp3

#TheMorningShoutOut is Live on the #Periscope App between 8-10am GMT Every day!

Special Thanks to the people that make The Morning Shout Out what it is, thanks for your support, Hearts and Follows…

Jag Betty, Lauren, Hefty, Logsy, Peanut Head, V, Gray Girl, Crystal Robinson, C8te, Lena, Russell Spencer, Rich from Hollywood, Plough Job, Tiff Jolly, Toni, Elizsa Diaz, Ron Reid, Drive NTP, Jenifer Mouse, Hendrick Ludeking, Ryan Barbour, Stacey, Paul Dobbins, Cogentone, Angel Wilson, C.C, Lisa, Cat, Megan Jones, Rosie, Nikki, Sarah, Mememe, Jessica, Roz, Karla, Karen, Vonnie, Emilie, Shalani, Rebecca, Rachael, Sage, Victoria, Sonya, Conor, Dougie B, Heather, Ayla, Belinda, Deborah, Buddy, Justina, Q, Candice, Nyla, Jorgie, Arianna, Zoe, Bex, Ginger Katie, Ingrid, Mai, Camille, Sayruh, Harry, Anthea, Locuuz, Amy, Call Me Eddy, Jodie, We Love You Palace, Dunielle, Stephanie, Ray, david, Pauly, Cool Kev, Ceejay, Kieran, Moriah, David, Rafael, Cara, Kelly, Angel D, Tanya, Yo Law, Jailcop, John, Molly, Bal S Man, Luciana, Chinspinner, Emi, Tom, Cal, Jaqueline, Julia, Twin Chuy, J.Yun, Tone, nicole, Maysara, DirtyFunkinDJ, and if i havnt mentioned you its nothing personal there will be many more!

DJ Whitecoat – A Lovers LP (Available Now From Juno)

A Brand New LP from DJ Whitecoat called “A Lovers LP” is out now and available to buy from juno records. There are 5 massive tunes on this release crossing over many genres of house. Click the little shopping cart on the player to be taken to the LP preview page.


DJ Whitecoat Feat Jae Elle – Riddim (Available Now From Juno)

Here is the Riddim EP  by DJ Whitecoat and Jae Elle, there are 6 tracks on this EP including DJ Spooky’s Grime Mix, DJ RSI aka Ricky Simmonds Dub mix (M.O.S) and an extended, a radio, instrumental and V.I.P mix of the Tune. Click the little shopping cart on the player to be taken to the EP preview page.


All Records in the Mix where purchased at Uptown Records, London, between 1997-2000, with added background fuzz for that old tape feel! Mixed By DJ Whitecoat

Track Listing…

1. Wiseguys – Cowboy ’78 (Casa De Sanchez Mix)
2. Eric Bennet Faith Evans – Georgy Porgey (Torales Mix)
3. Beverly Knight – Made it Back (Booker T Mix)
4. All Saints – Never Ever (Booker T Mix)
5. Michelle Weeks – Don’t Give Up (M+S Epic Klub Mix)
6. Ultra Nate – Found a Cure (Full Intention Mix)
7. Sunkids – Rescue Me (NY Club Mix)
8. Mousse T Vs Hot and Juicy – Horny ’98 (Extended Mix)
9. Cassius 1999 – Cassius 1999
10. E Smoove Feat Voices of Freedom – Lift Your Hands Up
11. Lenny Fontana & DJ Short – Chocolate Sensation
12. Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Even Know Me
13. Power House – What You Need (Full Intention Mix)
14. Paul Johnson – Get Get Down


Here is a mix I did for The Grime Report, its more of a Mash Up than a mix with a continuous blend of the newest Grime Vocals and Instrumentals floating around the Underground.

Expect to Hear Music From Chronik, Big Narstie, Killa P, DPower, Flirta D, Villian, Depzman, Hitman, Lil Choppa, Fekky, Big H, Luie Da Don, Footsie, DJ Spooky, Dexplicit, Teeza, Moony, DJ Trends, Felix Dubs, Sir Spyro plus many more!


“Ive taken it back to that Old Mixtape Vibe with House, Bass, UK Funky, Grime, Garage and everything in between, this recording also contains rare exclusive content that you will only hear in this mix”

“I’d like to thank all the producers and artists I have featured and keep an eye out for more to come! Don’t Forget catch me on the BDL Tour.”


Big Narstie – D.F.U.T.B (Whitecoat Remix)
Swifta Beater – Easy (Whitecoat Remix)
SLK – Hype Hype (Whitecoat Blend)
Faze Miyake – Quantum (Whitecoat Remix)
Whitecoat Feat Killa P – Dom Peri Riddim
DJ Spooky – Pulse 007 (Whitecoat Remix)
N.Fostell – Your Love (Vex)
Killa P and Badness – Heart Beat Stop (Whitecoat Blend)
Whitecoat Feat Killa P – Man A Bad Boy From A Long Time
Jook 10 Feel (Vex)
Whitecoat – Gas Riddim
Whitecoat – Next One
Whitecoat – Return to the Jungle
DJ Eastwood – U Aint Ready Dubplate
Kele Le Roc – That Rhythum (Spooky Remix)
Shy Dee – Tuff Luv (Vex)
Moony and Sebadee – Summer Rain
DJ Eastwood – Big Trouble
Tempa T – Next Hype (Whitecoat Blend)
Spooky – Rusty Bell (Whitecoat Remix)
Discarda – Rhyme On (Whitecoat Blend)
Spooky – Gunpowder Riddm Refix
Big Narstie – Shell Off (Whitecoat Blend)
DJ Trends – Hypnotised (Whitecoat Blend)
Big Narstie – Feel
Gemma Fox – Super Women
Spooky – Glanny Dover
Big Narstie and Flirta D – Foolish Base (Whitecoat Blend)
Hitman – King Of The Town
Teeza – Kick Flip
Big Narstie – Blow Up
Swifta Beater – Easy (Whitecoat Blend)
Wildchild Vs Swifta – Easy Renergade (Whitecoat Blend)
J Beats – Is That Yo Bitch
Chronic and GMan – Shit Went Wrong
Big Narstie – On A Milllion
Big Narstie – Preditah
Luie Da Don – JuJu JaJa
Sir Spyro – Bruce Wayne